I made this imagine in spite of Shawn, but I think you should imagine it with any magcon boy you would like because how can one girl or boy choose just one of those boys. 


You stood there in the mess of the room, with your rosy cheeks stained with tears. Some stray hairs hovered above your eyes, as you locked your focus on the floor before you. Waves of emotions collided with your heart, intoxicating your veins with the impact of loneliness. Your ears rung with the sound of heavy breaths and the mumbling of profound words. You sniffled in a breath, as you rose your eyes to his. Even though you were no more than a foot away from him, it felt like you were miles upon miles away. 

We can’t do this anymore, you know that”, he spoke. His voice was low, and half a whisper. It was hoarse from the previous shouting, however this time, it was empty. Not an ounce of emotion nor life was exhibited. 

You anticipated this, waiting for this moment in time to come and here it was. It wounded you more than you thought it would, you thought he would just be another boy. It wouldn’t hurt more than it did with your previous boyfriend, but this was different. 

You parted your lips, but quickly squeezed them tight together. You shook your head, and swiped a tear away. If you spoke you’d break, so you remained silent. 

"Y/n, is this even worth it", he asked. "Do you honestly believe this is what a relationship is supposed to be like? We’re dysfunctional".

Every word he spoke burned a bigger whole in your heart, aching it more than it already did. Gaining a moment of courage you spoke up, “I’d rather be”, you stopped as you swallowed, closing your eyes and finding the strength to finish your sentence, “in a dysfunctional relationship with you, than be in a normal sappy one with someone else”. 

You saw him cock his head back, as he sighed. “It’s not.. it’s not normal”, was all he said. You waited for more, but he kept his mouth shut nibbling at his lip.

"What’s not normal”, you asked. “Every couple fights”, you began to argue.

"Every couple fights, but not like this. It’s not normal for two people to do this- to fight every night, slam doors, throw things! We each deserve better", he said lowering his eyes, as his bottom lip twitched.

You backed up slowly, exhaling a shaky breath. “So, what..what does this make us? Are we single people, are we going to forget the other exists”.

He ran a hand through his hair, “I.. I guess so”.

You nodded your head, biting your bottom lip, “Bye h/n”. In a swift motion you made your way to the door. A vision of blurs swarmed around you, and you realized your whole world was coming to an end. Never again would you stay up till midnight watching movies with him, film stupid and pointless vines y’all would never post, no more youtube videos or cuddling when you were on your period. Everything would be gone. 

Behind you he broke, you didn’t notice, as your back was facing him. His face illuminated red, as his usual smile was hidden and gone, depression clouded his thoughts as he too realized it would be the end of one long journey. He looked away, as you parted your way through the door. He shook his head wondering what he had done and why he had done it.

You had now reached the lobby of y’alls hotel. You had no money, no bags and no clothes, but you knew it was better to leave with nothing than to stay a minute longer with someone you believed didn’t want you. It was when you were halfway out the door you felt some grasp your arm. A stronger force twisted you to face them, and in an instance you felt the familiar taste of his lips on yours. You melted into the kiss, knowing that he still loved you.

"I thought you said we were done", you asked searching his eyes for a hopeful answer. "My heart still beats for you.Letting you go, would be stupid. Dysfunctional is a million times better than functional", he said. 


Facebook VS Tumblr: Supernatural Edition


Someone you don’t know adds you on Facebook:


Someone you don’t know follows you on Tumblr:


Someone sends you a message on Facebook:


Someone sends you a message on Tumblr:


Loose a friend on Facebook:


Loose a follower on Tumblr:


Error on Facebook:


Error on Tumblr:


Scrolling through Facebook:


Scrolling through Tumblr:


Facebook at 2 am:


Tumblr at 2 am: